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Willkommen bei TROLLMUSIC TV!


Es ist uns eine ungeheuer große Freude, euch im Rahmen unserer ein ganz neues Format vorzustellen, welches unser Redakteur THOR JOAKIMSSON ins Leben gerufen hat!

Ja, manchmal ist in den Zeiten von Pest und Colera und Corona so einiges möglich - was die Geschichte der Krisen und Katastrophen immer wieder bewiesen hat. Denn oft werden dabei kreative Ideen freigesetzt, die es sonst in dieser Form wohl nie gegeben hätte.

Thor jedenfalls hat sich kurzerhand hingesetzt, um ein TV-Format unter YouTube anzulegen, in dem er auf sehr sympathische und einfallsreiche Art Bands, Musiker und vieles mehr vorstellt: TROLLMUSIC TV!

Präsentiert und zu Wort kommen dabei natürlich Musiker, die auf seinem kleinen Label veröffentlichen, allerdings auch die oftmals viel zu unbeachteten Bands, über die Thor auch auf berichtet.

Er selber schreibt dazu: "Trollmusic TV is a new format created in times of forced 'social distancing' due to the Corona pandemic, in order to offer something different to the common bad new. It's obviously done the DIY way. If you enjoy, feel welcome to spread the word! - Thank you. :-)"

Darum sind wir sehr stolz darauf, euch ab sofort unter unserer Seite exklusiv und lückenlos TROLLMUSIC TV präsentieren zu dürfen!

Ab sofort halten wir euch unter unserer KOLUMNE und unter den NEWS immer auf dem Laufenden, wann TROLLMUSIC TV sich wieder zu Wort und Bild meldet! Verlasst euch drauf.

Also - los gehts mit TROLLMUSIC TV #1:

Facing quite some frustration and depressive views in the underground these days, Thor presents three uprising heavy metal / psychedelic doom / hard rock bands whose new releases hopefully spread some encouraging vibes in these dark times of shutdowns, quarantine and so on. If you enjoy the music presented here, please visit the following pages and support the bands. Thank you.

Trollmusic is first of all a record label, moreover it is also a wyrd network. Trollmusic TV was spontaneously created when Thor was put in quarantine and yearned for the peace of the woods while at the same time listening to some promising new bands. Time will tell if this format will get continued.

Und weiter mit TROLLMUSIC TV #2, das sich speziell auf die norwegische Band BYRDI konzentriert:

Good news from Norway! Byrdi are in the final stages of mixing their third album "Byrjing", and after a long time of silence, Nash Rothanburg gives you an insight into the upcoming concept album. Byrdi on Facebook:

Byrdi's debut album "Eventyr":

Byrdi's second album "Ansur:Urkraft":

Gràb on Facebook:

Depicted Magazine:


Und weiter mit TROLLMUSIC TV #3, in dem gleich vier Bands vorgestellt werden - GIANT HEDGEHOG und MURGRIND aus Deutschland sowie HINDARFJÄLL aus Schweden und  BREIDABLIK aus Norwegen:


From now on presented by the German music blog, this episode presents three bands / projects which Thor has already interviewed for that magazine, plus another promising newcomer.




Interview (in German):







Interview (in English):

Interview (in German):




Interview (in German):


Ganz geheimnisvoll geht es weiter mit TROLLMUSIC TV #4:

Talking nonsense about supporting the underground, Thor also presents the latest Trollmusic signing with an excerpt from its upcoming album. More news in due time.

TROLLMUSIC TV #5 auf Mission Middle Earth: 

Today, Thor reflects some reactions on the recently signed dark ambient artist, talks about King of Asgard's return to Endarker studio, congratulates Winterfylleth for a fantastic new album, and presents thrash metal hopefuls Pripjat.

King of Asgard @ Facebook:

Winterfylleth "Misdeeds of Faith":

Winterfylleth @ Bandcamp:

Winterfylleth @ Facebook:

BrianBates @Wikipedia:

Pripjat @ Facebook:

The Crawling Chaos Records:

Der Eugen vom Dach:


TROLLMUSIC TV #6 präsentiert CANIS DIRUS' grim-black-metallisches und neo-folkloristisches "Independence To The Beast":

Thor talks about & presents excerpts from the 3rd full length album "Independence To The Beast" by North American black metal duo Canis Dirus, to be released on summer solstice 2020 by Bindrune Recordings.

More information:

Interview: (in English) (in German)

Buy the LP in Germany:

Original skull photo used as background image by Agata Kaczówka on Unsplash


In 2004, AINULINDALË was the first band which published an album on Trollmusic. Label founder Thor reflects those early days together with Thomas (Engwar), who has lately come up with an amazing EP of cover versions, including a.o. "Wasted Years" by Iron Maiden and "Echoes" by Pink Floyd. Trollmusic TV presents an excerpt of the folk'end Maiden tune, and grants you insight into the - nowadays again productive - AINULINDALË camp.

Listen & download:

AINULINDALË on facebook: 


TROLLMUSIC TV #8 präsentiert BREIDABLIK "The Old Forest":

"The Old Forest" is the 4th song on the BREIDABLIK album "Nhoohr", released by Pancromatic Records in 2019.

All music composed, performed and produced by Morten Birkeland Nielsen. https://breidablik.bandcamp.com

Most scenes spontaneously filmed with an old camera in Lejre / DK and edited by Thor Joakimsson.

You find an in-depth interview with Morten about BREIDABLIK here: (in German)


TROLLMUSIC TV #9 präsentiert Devil In The Detail - Die Kunst der Album-Cover-Gestaltung (w/Wolcensmen):

This time, Thor presents a handful of quite new albums with - besides great music of course - remarkable layout and especially noteworthy typesetting.

You can get the albums here:

SOLBRUD "Vemod" :

GRAVEYARD "Hold Back The Dawn" :

GREEN LUNG "Woodland Rites" :

WOLCENSMEN "Fire In The White Stone" :

ARMAGEDDA "Svindeldjup Ättestup" :

FELLWARDEN "Wreathed In Mourncloud" :

Tom Hodgkinson's "The Idler" magazine:

Tom Hodgkinson's book "How To Be Free":




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