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Daniel Fischer
bullet Name:
Daniel Fischer
bullet Statistik:
Durchschnittswertung: 8.8/15
Reviews mit Wertung: 185
Reviews ohne Wertung: 36
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bullet Herkunft:
bullet Genres:
Doom Metal
Death Metal
Epic/Viking Metal
Folk Rock/Metal
Gothic Metal
Heavy/True Metal
Klassik Metal
Power Metal
Progressive Metal
Progressive Rock
bullet Bands:

Saviour Machine
Shadow Gallery

Sonstige, in alphabetischer Reihenfolge:

Blind Guardian
Coheed and Cambria
Dream Theater
Edge of sanity
Eternity X
Iced Earth
King Diamond
Subway to Sally
Virgin Steele
bullet Alben:
In alphabetischer Reihenfolge:

Abstrakt Algebra - Abstrakt Algebra
Angra – Angels cry
Annihilator – Never, Neverland
Avantasia – The metal opera Part II
Ayreon – The final experiment
Bathory - Blood on ice
The Beach Boys - Pet sounds
Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
Blackmore´s Night - Shadow of the moon
Blind Guardian - Tales from the twilight world
Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Candlemass – Nightfall
Candlemass - Live
Coheed and Cambria - In keeping secrets of silent earth: 3
Dark Tranquillity – Skydancer
Death – Symbolic
Death Angel – Act III
Doomsword – Sacred Metal
Dream Theater - Images and words
Dream Theater - Scenes from a memory
Edge of sanity – Crimson
Enchant – A blueprint of the world
Eternity X - The edge
Evergrey - In Search of truth
Falconer – Chapters from a vale forlorn
Gamma Ray – Land of the free
Genesis – The lamb lies down on broadway
Haggard - And thou shalt trust… the seer
Helloween - Keeper of the seven keys Part II
Iced Earth - Night of the stormrider
Iced Earth - The dark saga
In Flames – Clayman
Iron Maiden – Seventh son of a seventh son
Iron Savior - Unification
Jag Panzer - Thane to the throne
Jethro Tull – Thick as a brick
Kamelot - Karma
King Diamond – Conspiracy
Labyrinth – Return to heaven denied
Les Miserables (Musical)
Lethal – Programmed
Meat Loaf – Bat out of hell II: Back into hell
Memento Mori – Songs for the Apocalypse Vol. IV
Metal Church – The human factor
Nevermore - Dead heart in a dead world
Nightingale - Alive again
Nocturnal Rites - The sacred talisman
Pain of salvation – The perfect element Part I
Pantera – Cowboys from hell
Paradise Lost – Gothic
Queen – A night at the opera
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Running wild – Death or glory
Savatage – Streets – A rock opera
Savatage – The wake of Magellan
Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine
Saviour Machine - II
Saviour Machine – Legend Part II
Sentenced - Amok
Shadow Gallery - Shadow Gallery
Shadow Gallery - Tyranny
Skyclad - A burnt offering for the bone idol
Solitude Aeturnus – Through the darkest hour
Steel Prophet - Dark hallucinations
Subway to Sally - Hochzeit
Tanz der Vampire (Musical)
Trouble - Manic frustration
U2 - The Joshua Tree
Vicious Rumors – Welcome to the ball
Viper – Theatre of fate
Virgin Steele – Invictus
Brian Wilson - SMiLE
Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Xentrix – Kin
bullet Konzerte:
Saviour Machine - Haus Ennepetal/Ennepetal 07.12.2001
Savatage - Hugenottenhalle/Neu-Isenburg 27.10.1997
Annihilator - Batschkapp/Frankfurt 16.06.1993
Blind Guardian + Iced Earth - Batschkapp/Frankfurt 15.09.1992